Johnny Tipler is a freelance motoring journalist, historian and author based in Norwich, England. With over 35 books published on a variety of motoring topics ranging from racing cars and driver biographies to motorcycles and commercials, Johnny spends much of his time covering historic race meetings, topical issues and interviewing racing personalities for the international automotive media.

A major contributor to 911 & Porsche World, Classic Porsche and Porsche Post magazines, Johnny writes on new car launches, important historic vehicles, specialist tuners, drivers and restorers, as well as covering international classic events like Spa Six Hours and Monte Carlo Historic Rally. His book, La Carrera Panamericana: the World’s Greatest Road Race, was published in October 2008, and his most recent book, on the new Lotus ‘Evora’ 2+2 sports car, was published by Coterie Press in spring 2010. The ‘Complete Lotus Elise Buyers’ Guide is in the motoring bookshops now, June 2011.

I drove La Carrera Panamericana 2011 in a Porsche 914 – see my blog!

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